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Arabic Menu


Moutabel £5.00
Hummus £5.00
Falafel £5.00
Lebanese Mezze £8.00
Haloumi £6.00

Shish Taouk Grilled diced and spice marinated chicken breast £14.00
Lahem Meshwi Grilled diced and spice marinated boneless lamb £16.00
Kofta Minced lamb kebab slightly spiced and flavoured with onion and parsley £15.00
Farrouj Musahab Grilled boneless baby chicken, marinated with light spices and served in pitta bread £16.00
Arabic Mix Grill A skewer each of Shish Taouk, Lahme Meshwi and Kofta £18.00
Samaka Harra Pan-fried fillets of sea bass with a spicy tomato sauce £19.00