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Loyalty Rake Race

Regular rake cash game players will have the opportunity to play for an estimated £70,000 in cash prizes.


The top 100 rake cash game players, over a 5 or 6 week period, will automatically qualify for the Loyalty Rake Race Final. Players, who participate in any £1-£1, £1-£2 (Hold’em & Omaha), £1-£3 or £2-£5 (Hold’em only) rake cash game will earn 1 point per hour.


Players who finish in the 100 places outside the top 100, (101-200) will have the chance to buy-in for £150+£15. Tickets go on sale from the Tuesday, at 10am, immediately after the points collection period ends.


Please note that only 50 tickets will go on sale and they will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


The prize pool is created by making a deduction of £1 from all raked game pots of £20 or over, (in addition to the normal rake table charge). £0.75 pence of all the £1’s taken goes into the jackpot, (£0.15 pence is kept for the Bad Beat Jackpot). The Casino retains £0.10 pence for administrative purposes.


For more information, please call The Poker Room on 0207 298 2411.



Upcoming qualifying periods and finals:-
Monday 21st May
Sunday 1st July
Saturday 14th July
 Monday 2nd July
Sunday 12th August
Sunday 2nd September
Monday 13th August
Sunday 23rd September
 Sunday 7th October
Monday 24th September
Sunday 4th November
 Sunday 11th November





For more details please call the poker room on 0207 298 2411.